Share Talk Corporate Brochure 2018

Additional Services We are committed to empowering listed companies to have greater access and communications with their shareholders and potential investors. We can provide full management of all your social media accounts giving you peace of mind that your social media communications is in the hand of experienced professionals who know how to talk to investors and grow your subscriber base. Social Media Management Share Talk has proprietary tools available to us that can enable our clients to monitor mentions of either their Company Name, Brand or Website mentions across social media. These allow any issues to be quickly addressed and sentiment to be monitored more closely. Brand Management Knowing as much as possible about the Board of Directors at a company you are investing in is part of the investing decision process. Companies that have Linkedin profiles written for their entire board are much more likely to give confidence to those that are interested in investing. We have a specialist team of copywriters who are experts in writing director profiles and company pages. This is especially important for new entrants to the markets. Linkedin Profile Writing We can film your project on-location anywhere in the world. This works especially well for projects that are based in hard-to-reach jurisdictions and often may not have representative visuals associated with regulatory news for investors. Share Talk can bring your project to life so investors can really see where they are putting their money. We use film crews and presenters with commercial TV experience from the likes of BBC and ITV and corporate experience with Samsung and GSK. Video Production We have a central-London broadcast facility where we can implement training activities for directors who are likely to be involved with talking to media outlets. This is a very cost-effective way of ensuring your media conversations are always ‘on-message’ and avoid common pitfalls. Media Training 8 Share Talk 9 Share Talk