Share Talk Corporate Brochure 2018

Services Share Talk provides shareholders with the tools to make informed trading and investment decisions. With articles, podcasts, Q&A’s and events, we offer the facilities to bring your company closer to existing and future shareholders. We have gained a strong following within our social media channels to provide a large targeted audience to see or listen to your story. We are committed to empowering listed companies to have greater access and communications with their shareholders and potential investors. We work alongside FCA-regulated partners who can assist companies with early-stage investments for pre-IPO, IPO, and placings. To date, we have helped raise over £1,000,000+ with our partners. Fundraising partners A great way to put your voice behind your message. Podcasts offer a friendly conversation which enables companies to simplify regulatory news, provide progress updates and promote their story. Podcasts An audience with predominantly mid to high net worth individuals. These events allow companies to speak directly to their current and future shareholders. We enable these events to be streamed online, allowing access to a much larger and wider global audience. Investor Events We gather and collate questions that investors have asked through our social media channels. Your answers are published as an article to ensure that your companiy’s messages are delivered effectively through this medium.. Q&As One of Britain’s most succesful private investors - Proud to support Share Talk Jim Mellon 6 Share Talk 7 Share Talk