Share Talk Corporate Brochure 2018

Bridging the gap between company and investor Sharing information. research, and analysis to a wide-reaching global audience is at the heart of what we do. Whether you are new to social media or an experienced marketing or PR agency, the team at Share Talk can boost your company’s profile amongst the wider stock market investing community. Our unique service and exclusive network of contacts enables immediate interactions with medium to high net-worth investors and potential future shareholders. We are fully registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office and are working towards becoming fully GDPR compliant by 1 May 2018. The website has been running for less than a year and has become a recognised brand for delivering investor news. This includes videos, podcasts, brochures and useful links. w w w . S h a r e -Ta l k . c o m The articles and videos published on our official Facebook page, to date have generated over 2,500 likes to date. F a c e b o o k With a specific target audience of over 30,000 we have formed a solid base on twitter with genuine followers, influencers and social media interactions built through no form of advertisement or paid-for followers. Tw i t t e r Share Talk events are widely renowned for being well-attended in accessible venues up and down the country, not just in London. We are looking forward to hosting companies further afield across the UK and beyond in future! E v e n t s How do we get your story out to investors? Share Talk has grown its presence on many social media platofrms since it began. With a strong following, your message can reach thousands of potential shareholders and investors. 11 Share Talk 10 Share Talk