Share Talk Corporate Brochure 2018

Our vision is to see a future where investors can gain regular impartial communications from all the companies they invest in, delivered in multiple formats that appeal to a variety of end user groups. Vision Continue to break new ground utilising the latest technology to attract new audiences Investor Relations Giving something back Share Talk was the first company to distribute live presentation content via Periscope on Twitter. Not only did we set a trend, we attracted over a thousand targeted viewers along the way and had over 3,000 views of our first Investor’s Event in one evening. We are looking at new and innovative ways to share our client’s content to the masses. We are already moving down the IR path having recently gained new clients that wish to use Share Talk to share news items, interviews, presentations and more. We have a strong network of mid to high net- worth investors inside our network that can enable significant fundraising opportunities. Whilst we do not wish to take the place of traditional financial PR we are finding ourselves a space within this sector and making it our own. We have led from the front in making sure we always keep our feet on the ground and give something back which is why you will continue to see Share Talk supporting charities of all shapes and sizes. In the past year we have supported the Bradley Lowery Foundation, Help for Heroes, Big Moose, and various others. If you have a charitable cause that you want to raise funds for, why not get in touch with us to see if we can help? 13 Share Talk 12 Share Talk